Lodge History

The Order of the Arrow existed at Camp Lewallen prior to the Anpetu-We Lodge. Jonito-Otora (Beaver Club) Lodge #100 was chartered to the Southeast Missouri Council on April 5, 1937. At that time, the Order of the Arrow was not endorsed by the Boy Scouts of America, and Jonito Otora was disbanded in 1939 in favor of a similar organization called the Golden Sun. The Golden Sun Honor Society was an integral part of Camp Lewallen. The Golden Sun Warrior Circle still remains and is used as our Ordeal ceremony ring. The Golden Sun was disbanded in 1956 to allow the rechartering of an Order of the Arrow Lodge. The Order of the Arrow was by this time endorsed by the National Council as the official honor camping society, and all councils were encouraged to comply. The Southeast Missouri Council was allowed to keep the number 100 for its lodge number, but the youth members chose to change the name to Anpetu-We, meaning “rising sun”. This was a tribute to the former Golden Sun Honor Society. The Anpetu-We Lodge was chartered on March 5, 1956. When the Southeast Missouri Council merged with the St. Louis Area Council in 1993, the Anpetu-We Lodge was allowed to exist within the Greater St. Louis Area Council. The Egyptian Council of Southern Illinois merged with the Greater St. Louis Area Council in 1994. The youth members of the Ney-A-Ti Lodge #240, voted to join the Anpetu-We Lodge. Today the Lodge is stronger and more active than ever. The Lodge’s impact on Camp Lewallen and Pine Ridge Scout Camp, along with the service its members bestow upon their troops, districts, our Council and communities are a testament to every member’s determination and Scouting spirit.

Our Lodge

The Anpetu-We Lodge consists of Order of the Arrow members from Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois, and is one of more than 250 lodges in the Order. Our Lodge meets several times a year at events such as the Fall Reunion, Spring Reunion, and Winter Fellowship Banquet. The Lodge has many activities which include service projects, camp promotion, and new member inductions. Fellowship is important in our Lodge and evident at every event. Our Lodge is led by youth officers elected by our youth members.

Our Totem

The totem of the Anpetu-We Lodge is the turtle. Traditionally, as a symbol of lodge membership and record of participation, we have worn a necklace consisting of a carved wooden turtle, suspended on a leather thong. On this thong are worn beads representing the activities, honors, and awards earned as a member of the Lodge. Carved turtles are available through the trading post, while some members choose to carve their own. If you do carve your own, please keep within reasonable limits of tradition with regard to size and style, so as to preserve uniformity. The totem may be worn at OA functions, anytime that a sash would be appropriate. See "Totem Beads" for a list of official beads and their meanings. Official beads are purchased from the Lodge.

Totem Beads


The following are sold and worn in PAIRS on each side of the leather thong.

    • WHITE- Cook

    • BROWN-Fall Reunion

    • MEDIUM BLUE- Spring Reunion

    • PINK – Fun Weekend

    • LIGHT GREEEN – Recognition Dinner

    • YELLOW – Elangomat

    • BLACK – Elangomat Trainer

    • ORANGE – Troop Representative

    • DARK BLUE – Dance

    • TRANSLUCENT BLUE – Ceremonial Team

    • LARGE ROUND RED –Lodge Leadership Development Course

    • RED – Lodge Advisors Award

    • TRANSLUCENT RED – Lodge Advisor Annual

    • TRANSPARENT CLEAR – Section Dance Participation

    • TRANSPARENT GREEN- Camp Promotion


The following beads are sold and worn INDIVIDUALLY, either suspended from the bottom of the turtle, or if additional room is needed, suspended on a single string between the two thongs.


  • AMBER FACETED CRYSTAL – Brotherhood Member


  • LARGE BLACK STRIPED OVAL – Section Conclave

  • LARGE BLUE STRIPED OVAL – Summer Camp Staff

  • LARGE GREEN STRIPED OVAL – Summer Camp OA Coordinator

  • LARGE RED and WHITE STRIPED BARREL – National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC)

  • SILVER STRIPED METAL – Chapter Officer

  • GOLD STRIPED METAL - Lodge Officer

  • ROUND FLORAL MOSAIC – Section Dance 1st, 2nd, or 3rd

  • OVAL BLUE CHEVRON – Military Service

Past Chiefs

Founder's Award Recipients