Welcome to Our Test Site

Please feel free to explore, and be sure to follow us!
You may do so in many different ways, all of which may be found at the "Stay Informed" page 

Plans for this site and other Google Services:
  • Calendar:
    • Lodge events that can be sent to a lodge group 1 week before each event
    • all users (lodge officers) can add or edit events and details
    • details for events, such as reunions, will be linked to Google Maps to include directions
  • Gmail:
    • lodge officers will have an email account that can be forwarded to there personal email account or simply used through our Mail server
  • Docs: 
    • will include public documents, such as meeting minutes, Turtle Tales, etc.
    • will also include documents that can be added and edited by all user accounts (lodge officers) such as LEC topics, tentative meeting agendas, etc.
  • Sites:
    • will have links to all chapter, section, national, and region websites
    • will also feature a quick bio of each chapter that can then be directed to their actual chapter webpage
  • If you have any other ideas, please email them to me at admin@anpetu-we.org