Lodge Officers

Left to Right:
Front Row: Adam Farris, Treasurer; Robby Brewer, Lodge Chief;
Second Row: Chris Walter, 2nd Vice Chief; Connor Hodge, Corresponding Secretary; Shane Cowsert, Recording Secretary; Shawn Pietrofere, 1st Vice Chief.
Back Row: Bill Eddleman, Advisor

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Chapter Officers


Cherokee Chapter



 Left to Right: David Ryan, Secretary; Chaz Brown, 1st First Chief; Joe Mobley, Chapter Chief; Blake Padrones, 2nd vice chief.

Egyptian Chapter

Left to right: Ben Morefield, Chief; Josh Webb, 1st Vice Chief; Brian Armes, 2nd Vice Chief; Josh Bartlow, Secretary; Rick Walter, Advisor 


Shawnee Chapter


Left to right: Bill Crowell, Staff Advisor; Ben Spiecker, Secretary; Joseph Wolsey, Second Vice-Chief; Elwood Voss, First Vice-Chief; Chance Ziegler, Chapter Chief; Sam Herndon, Chapter Advisor

Sioux Chapter


Left to right: Nate Cazee, Second Vice-Chief, Austin Harris, Chief, Jeremiah Thornburgh Trevor Asher, Secretary, Terry Harris, Associate Chapter Advisor

Wundchenneu Chapter


Left to Right: Mike Kartje, Advisor; Joseph Jeralds, Chapter Chief; Devon Jackson, 2nd Vice Chief, J.W. Satterwhite, 1st Vice Chief. Not Pictured: Alex Kartje, Secretary