Meet The Man:
Volume #6

Favorite movie: The Great Gatsby

Favorite movie quote: 

Nick Carraway: And so we beat on, boats against the current, born back ceaselessly into the past

Jay Gatsby: If there's anything that you want, just ask for it, old sport.

What college you attend: Currently I’m looking at varying business schools, specifically John Cook School of Business (SLU), Olin School of Business (Wash U), Harrison College of Business (SEMO), Truman School of Business and Macey School of Business (Belmont, Nashville TN)

What major/ job you are going to go to college for: Specifically I’m planning on attending college for my Bacholer of Science in Business Administration with a double major of Hospitality Management. After college I plan to work in Event Planning/Corporate Logistics, eventually with hope striking out into my own independent firm.

Chance Ziegler
2nd Vice Chief 2013-2014

Date Inducted: 

Order Received: Vigil 

Awards: Lodge Advisor's Award

Lodge Positions: 
Lodge 2nd Vice Chief 2013-2014

Chapter Positions: Shawnee 2nd Vice Chief-2010-2011, Shawnee Chapter Chief 2011-2013

Major Events: 
National Jamboree-2010, Indian Summer-2011, NYLT 2011, National Leadership Seminar-2012, NOAC-2012, Philmont 2012, National Jamboree Staff 2013

Other Involvement: 
Varying Troop Positions, Order of the Arrow Representative-2010-2011, Shawnee District Youth Training Chairman 2012-Now, SHOAC Chairman-2013, Shawnee District Venturing President-2013-2014, Section C3B Conclave AIA Chairman-2013-2014, Vice President of Communications Area 3 Central Region Venturing.

Home Unit:  Troop 4016-Cape Girardeau MO, Venture Crew 4248-Cape Girardeau MO, Venture Crew 4205-Cape Girardeau MO & Venture Crew 4016-Cape Girardeau MO

Age:  17

Q: Why did you want to run for the office you now hold? The reason that I ran for the office of 2nd Vice chief is so that I could give back to the Lodge and its members even further. The Order of the Arrow, The Anpetu-We Lodge, and its members have given and still give me experience, skills, and memories. All of which will remain with me forever, for all of this I desire to give back. To serve as best I can in my capacities to ensure that the Lodge runs smoothly and effectively. To ensure that Anpetu-We Lodge betters the communities, and that its members are well represented, and heard in all aspects of the Order and Scouting. Simply I ran for office because this Lodge has given me so much, and I want to ensure that it is here to serve the next generations to come, because no one who is eligible for the order should ever be deprived of having the full benefit of the opportunities, skills, and memories it provides.

Q: What's your favorite thing about OA? My favorite aspect of the Order of the Arrow is the service that we do. The fact that individuals of all ages gather to  give back to the communities that have supported us throughout all of these years really is amazing. Whether, it be current youth or adults the service, dedication, and joy that is shown out of doing simple and rewarding service for others Is truly a beautiful thing that allows us to grow as individuals, and as an organization. It struck me as soon as I was inducted that this organization is filled with good people who merely wish to help make the world a better place, and through service I’ve come to know many great people. Through these people I’ve come to know, I’ve found myself. This organization provides an opportunity to surround ourselves with good people, to pick up good values, and in turn apply them within our lives toward greater things. Service is my favorite aspect because it sets part of the plan in motion to start us off on the right path, to keep us there, and to help others find it along the way. It allows for us to make a difference in the world, and within ourselves; service is a way to ensure that our organization lives on, and that the values that are necessary for life never die.