Meet The Man:
Volume #4

Favorite movie: John Wayne’s “THE COWBOYS”

Favorite movie quote: In this movie a young “cowboy” introduces himself to John Wayne as “Fats”, Wayne’s reply “Tended towards the gut myself son”. 

What major you went to college for: Graduated from SEMO with a BS degree in Agri-Business and graduated from the University of Missouri Columbia with a master’s degree in Agriculture Mechanization. I worked in the agriculture industry for 20 years but I have been a State Farm Insurance agent for the last 10. Kinda funny how life turns out. 

Brett Matthews
Lodge Advisor 2013-2016

Date Inducted:1972

Order Received: Vigil 1979   

 Lodge advisors award

Lodge Positions: Recording secretary, Treasurer, Vice-Chief, Chief

Major Events: ’73 Nat’l. Jamboree, Nat’l. Camp School, several Sectional Conclaves, NOAC

Other Involvement: Troop Comm. Chair, BSA Troop 323, Charleston, MO

Home Unit: Troop 323



Q: What's your favorite thing about OA?  I look at the Order of the Arrow from a completely different perspective than I did 40 years ago.  I value the brothers I met as a youth and the friendships and relationships that have evolved.  Boy Scouts in general and OA specifically is one of the last youth organizations in our country that still teaches respect, patriotism, leadership, service and many other values.  It is immensely gratifying to watch a 11 or 12 year old scout evolve into a strong, confident young leader.  If I can contribute to this process in some small way that will be a very satisfying reward. 

Q: Why did you want to run for the office you now hold? For many people, leadership is their destiny but some of us just fall backwards into it.