Meet The Man:
Volume #2

Q: What's your favorite thing about OA?Golly. Thats not an easy question to answer, but ultimately I would have to say my favorite part is simply the fun of it! I mean, the OA is a blast! From chapter meetings filled with Rock Band, Bouncy Houses and Capture the Flag. it's hard not to love it! But that's not all. Watching the Lewallen callout ceremony, dancing in competitions, hanging with friends and making new ones... its remarkable! The Order of the Arrow continues to increase the list of amazing things I have had the opportunity to participate in at every meeting, camp-out and national event!

Elwood Voss
Lodge 1st-Vice Chief 2012-2013

Date Inducted: 

Order Received: Brotherhood 

Awards: Lodge Advisor, Section Prairie Chicken Dance Champion 

Chapter Positions: 
Shawnee Chapter First Vice Chief 11-12

Lodge Positions: 
First Vice Chief 12-13, Fun Weekend Chairman

Major Events: 
NOAC 2012, 2 Section Conclaves (11-12), NYLT Staff (10-13), NAYLE

Other Involvement: 
Pre-Ordeal Ceremony Team, Dance Team

Home Unit:  Troop 8/Crew 248

Age:  16

Q: Why did you want to run for the office you now hold?
I wanted to be our lodge's First Vice-Chief because I feel I owe it to the Lodge. Not to mention I thought it would be super fun! But in all honesty, the lodge has done so much for me, and has really changed my life both as a scout and as a person. Without this Lodge, I wouldn't be where I am today. Last year when I helped serve my chapter, it felt great to look back and see what a service I provided. With all that our Lodge and members have done for me, I feel I should do my best do to help this wonderful lodge in the upcoming year.  I love this Lodge, and want to help it in every way possible. And with my good looks and humble personality, I think I'll be able to do that.