Meet The Man:
Volume #1

Q: Why did you want to run for the office you now hold?
A: I ran for Lodge Chief because being an officer is just so darn fun! I guess it makes me a nerd, but I really love going to meetings and doing the prep work for all these different events—it’s a blast! Each year I’ve been an officer, I’ve gotten to do more and more of this sort of stuff. I also felt like I had a responsibility to give back. I know a lot of older members have dedicated long hours to give me such an amazing experience, and I think I ought to pay it forward. Being officer also just generally increases the amount of OA events I get to go to, and I’m all about doing as much OA stuff as possible.
Connor Hodge
Lodge Chief 2012-2013

Date Inducted: Wednesday, July 2nd/Sat September 6th, both in 2008.

Order Received: Vigil

Awards: Lodge Adviser’s, Section Straight Dance Champion 

Chapter Positions: Secretary 09-10, Chief 10-11

Lodge Positions: Corresponding Sec 11-12, Chief 12-13, 2012 NOAC Chairman

Major Events: NOAC 09 & 12, 2010 Jamboree, 5 Section Conclaves (08-12), NLS (Spring ‘10)

Other Involvement: Brotherhood team, Dance Team

Home Unit: Troop 51/Crew 248

Age: 17
Q: What's your favorite thing about OA?
A: Without a doubt, my favorite thing about the Order is all the friends I’ve made. More than anything else, OA has given me the opportunity to meet a plethora of amazing people, some just a short drive from me, others a thousand miles away. Ultimately, the chance to meet new friends and hang out with old ones is the reason I’ve been so active in the Order.