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Photos courtesy of Randy Graves, Vigil Member


Left to Right: Sam Herndon, Associate Advisor; Scott Crumpecker, Advisor; Nick Arnold, 1st Vice Chief; Max Dale, 2nd Vice Chief; Jeffery Bittle, Corresponding Secretary; Griffin King, Recording Secretary; Cristian Evans, Treasurer.
Not Pictured: Quentin Goode, Lodge Chief.


Front Row: Christian Crumpecker, Treasurer; Nate Cazee, 1st Vice Chief; Andrew Miller, Lodge Chief; Quentin Goode, 2nd Vice Chief; Marcus Ward, Corresponding Secretary; Max Dale, Recording Secretary.
Back Row: Willie Sandin, Associate Advisor; Jared White, Staff Advisor; Brett Matthews, Associate Advisor.


Front Row: Davis Deimund, Lodge Chief; Nick Arnold, 1st Vice Chief; Max Dale, 2nd Vice Chief; Hunter Miller, Corresponding Secretary; Clayton Deimund, Recording Secretary; Devan Sanden, Treasurer.
Back Row: Brett Matthews, Lodge Advisor; Willie Sanden, Associate Advisor; David Galvan, Staff Advisor; David Boren, Associate Advisor.


Front Row: Andrew Miller, Lodge Chief; Shane Cowsert, 1st Vice Chief; Chance Ziegler, 2nd Vice Chief; Ben Spieker, Recording Secretary.
Back Row: Quentin Goode, Treasurer; Adam Farris, Recording Secretary; Stan Palmer, Associate Advisor.